Elizabeth Hurley was born June 10, 1965 in Hampshire, England. She grew up as the daughter of an army officer father and an elementary schoolteacher mother, Hurley grew up in the suburb of Basingstoke, England. When she was young she wanted to become a dancer, so she went to school for ballet instruction when she was twelve. Hurley won a college scholarship to the London Studio Centre, which taught courses for dance and theater.

Hurley made her screen debut at the age of 21 in the movie Aria in 1987. Several roles in television and a film with young actor Hugh Grant soon followed. Continuing her streak of success, in 1992 Hurley made her Hollywood film debut as a terrorist in the Wesley Snipes action drama Passenger 57. After Passenger 57 her career slowed down for a couple of years so she returned to England.

 Unbeknownst to Hurley, her fame was soon to skyrocket because the London premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral where Hurley wowed the crowd by wearing a black Versace dress that was held together by nothing more than safety pins, and Hurley's fame taking off was her becoming the spokesmodel representing top cosmetics house Estée Lauder. Since then Elizabeth Hurley has done such movies as The films Austin Powers 1&2, Extreme Measures, Permanent Midnight and EdTV. Though her modelling contract to Estée Lauder came to an end, she continues to be in the public eye, albeit for off screen dramas than career highlights. Becoming a mother in 2002 and the bitter & public split with the father, Steve Bing, dominated the tabloids in 2002.

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